To whom it may concern,

Case, Huff & Associates is a commercial property management company that has been doing business in Arizona for over 25 years. We manage a 35,000 sq. ft. distribution warehouse in Mesa on behalf of a family trust. In May of this year, Jason Clouse and his crew at All Inclusive Contracting applied a silicone coating to the existing 15-year old roof of the building that was developing numerous leaks. They did an excellent job and after several monsoon storms since the completion of the work, the interior of the building has remained bone-dry.

Jason and his crew were very thorough in all phases of the job and Jason closely monitored the work personally. I had never used All Inclusive Contracting before and Jason was very accommodating to me in my due diligence requests for references and locations of other jobs, even meeting with me on the roof of a similar-sized building that

All Inclusive had installed a silicone coating to approximately a year ago. That level of personal service, and Jason’s ability to compete with other, more widely known names in the roofing business made me choose All Inclusive Contracting.

All Inclusive also painted various appurtenances at this same warehouse project for me, such as fire hydrants, metal gates, safety bollards around electrical and mechanical equipment, and the metal exterior doors and the roll-up doors for the delivery bays.

I know I’ll be calling Jason and All Inclusive Contracting frequently in the future as the opportunities arise.


Gary W. Case

Case, Huff & Associates, Inc.

Executive Vice President & Designated Broker

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Gary W. Case


To Whom it May Concern:

My company has used All-Inclusive Contracting for our Commercial and Residential property management business.  We only select a small amount of vendors to work with that can support our size and service out clients to the level we demand and All-Inclusive meets those requirements and has performed at an outstanding level.   The scope of work has ranged from painting, drywall, plumbing, and a significant amount of roofing work.  We have found the pricing to be very competitive for all ranges of services and the level of follow up and quality to be excellent.


Rodd Schifferdecker

Managing Partner, Real Property Management Phoenix Metro

Rodd Schieferdecker

To Whom It May Concern,

For at least 12 years, Sherwin-Williams has provided Mr. Clouse and his company materials for projects in the residential and commercial markets. Personally, I have known Mr. Clouse since 2011 and have worked closely with him on a number of projects as a Professional Coatings Representative servicing the commercial market segment.

Most recently I, along with Sherwin-Williams, was able to provide over 1500 gallons of roof coating material for a large apartment project, Palm Canyon Apartments, in Tucson Arizona. In my experiences with All Inclusive Contracting they have consistently demonstrated an ability to provide quality workmanship and an ability to meet their customers’ expectations regardless of the obstacles that are common with projects both large and small. For these reasons I am confident in providing a personal recommendation in the ability of All Inclusive Contracting to meet the needs of any roof coating project, regardless of its size.


J.C. Franklin

Professional Coatings

Sales Representative

The Sherwin-Williams Co.

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J.C Franklin

To Whom It May Concern,

I have had the opportunity to work with Jason Clouse with All Inclusive Contracting over the years and they have completed numerous projects at our school’s location. I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent service they provide. They are dependable and reliable as a contractor.

In 2014 as a result from storm damage, Jason Clouse and his team completed the large silicone roofing emergency project and made themselves readily available to meet our needs. They ensured that our school’s standards were met and actually exceeded my expectations.

I would highly recommend All Inclusive Contracting to any organization. They truly understand what it takes to maintain a successful relationship with their customers. If you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to give me a call at 480.502.0177.


Pascal Dionot

Executive Director, Classic Cooking Academy

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Pascal Dionot