AIC Now Offers Aerial Thermography

Seeing Is Believing

Using FLIR’s new aerial inspection, drone-based thermal imaging, All Inclusive Contracting makes inspection of commercial and residential buildings easier and more accessible than ever before.

Save Money & Time

No more spending hours on a ladder with a hand-held camera, or thousands of dollars on a single survey with a full size aircraft. All Inclusive Contracting can do building roof inspections with a thermal camera equipped drone in a matter of minutes, for a fraction of the cost and on your schedule.

All Inclusive Contracting can now:

  • Inspect a roof in minutes, when it used to take hours
  • Find water damage and other roofing problems
  • Prove that repairs have been completed properly
  • Capture images at the right angle for correct temperature accuracy
  • Provide MP4 video and JPEG still images

All Inclusive now offers the perfect tool for identifying poor insulation, moisture issues, as well as other complicated roofing problems. It is the ultimate solution for reliable and easily deployable aerial thermal imaging.

Call us today at 602.550.0499 for more information.

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