Is Your Roof Ready For Monsoon Storms?

Monsoon storms will hit the Valley soon and now is the time to check the integrity of the roof that is protecting you, your family and your home.

Be Prepared, Not Panicked

It’s best to be prepared and know if your roof has a problem before the wind and rain begin pounding on your house. Don’t wait for the damage to be done and water marks to appear on your ceiling before examining the integrity of your roof to see if it will hold up during a storm, protecting your loved ones and your property.

Is Your Roof Ready?

Climb up onto your roof (or ask a roofer, like us, to do it) and do a visual inspection of your roof a couple of times each year and after a big storm. If you don’t feel safe on the roof, there’s no shame in hiring a professional, who will know what to look for giving your peace of mind for the monsoon season.

What to Look For

Here is what we look for during an inspection of either a foam/flat roof or a built-up/asphalt roof, which are the two most common types of flat roofs in Arizona.

  • Locate every roof penetration. Look around the chimney, vents, skylights, walls, flashing, air conditioning elbows and stands, antennas and support wires, and satellite dishes.
  • Remove any build-up of dirt, leaves or pine needles around drains, scuppers or crickets that would cause pooling and keep water from draining off the roof.
  • Trim tree branches away from your roof.
  • Check for damage or holes in the areas where your flat roof joins a tiled or shingled roof.
  • Inspect the outside edges of the roof for loose roofing material or drip edge flashing.
  • Look for cracks along the seams of rolled roofing.
  • Search for holes pecked by birds in foam roofing.
  • On a territorial-style home with stucco parapets, judge how well the stucco on the top and backside of all the parapets is holding up. Cracked stucco or a poor flashing job between stucco and roof material are common problems that can lead to leaks.

What If There Are Problems?

Should we discover any weak spots in your roof, we will provide you a quote for the repairs. In most cases, we can make minor repairs now. Why wait until you have water dripping down your walls or from your ceiling? Save yourself from the stress and worry by ensuring your roof’s integrity now, rather than when it becomes an emergency.

Call us today at 602.550.0499 for a free inspection of your roof!


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